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IT Support

An experienced helpdesk team that takes care of you

Support Packs

You can get support packs that come in different sizes.
Every package gets you an amount of support hours at your disposal for every kind of need. You just have to open a ticket with us, we just make it work.

Activities tracking

Every time our technicians help you with your sistems and issues you'll get a detailed report of all the activities done and time for each activity in order to track remaining hours of your support pack.

Methods of intervention

Not all issues are equal, and not all solutions can be delivered the same way. We can help you multiple ways, trough our dedicated remot client. On site or by phone with your existing local it admin.

Ticketing System

Our ticketing system is designed to help us deliver the best customer experience possibile and minimize overhead. Ticketing helps us be more efficient and helps you keep track of every step done to resolve your issue.


Il problem solving è il nostro pane quotidiano, siamo il punto di riferimento per tutte le aziende che necessitano di un’assistenza continua e puntuale


il nostro know now ci consente di affrontare qualsiasi problema, dispositivi digitali, programmi e portali web non saranno più il tuo incubo quotidiano

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